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Mike Spector
The Wall Street Journal
Wed Oct 14 15:04:53 EDT 2015
Thu Nov 30 00:00:00 EST 2017
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Under the applicable provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S. Code § 522), I hereby request access to and/or copies of the following documents, which are filed with, retained by, or prepared by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Letters, emails or other correspondence between Sept. 18, 2015 and Oct. 14, 2015 located in the office of Director of the Office of Transportation and Air Quality Christopher Grundler; Air Enforcement Division Attorney Meetu Kaul; Air Enforcement Division Office of Civil Enforcement Director Phillip A. Brooks; and Acting Administrator for the Office of Air Quality Janet McCabe containing one or more of the following terms: “auxiliary emissions control device,” “AECD,” “2016,” “certification,” “application,” “defeat device,” “withdraw,” “withdrawing,” “MY16,” “2.0 TDI,” “warmup,” “Stuart Johnson,” "Oliver Schmidt" or “Michael Horn.” I specifically seek correspondence related to Volkswagen’s Sept. 29 disclosure to EPA of an AECD in MY2016 2.0 TDI vehicles and subsequent Oct. 7 withdrawal of its application for certification of MY2016 2.0 TDI vehicles. I also seek calendar entries and minutes for meetings or telephone calls between EPA officials and Volkswagen officials during the above-referenced timeframe. Please alert me immediately to any records that excluded by law under this request. Please provide me the requested documents via email at this address: Sincerely, Mike Spector The Wall Street Journal
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