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Tracking Number : EPA-HQ-2015-011082

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Ms.  Amy Harder
The Wall Street Journal
Thu Sep 24 15:44:41 EDT 2015
Thu Nov 30 00:00:00 EST 2017
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To Whom It May Concern: Under the applicable provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S. Code § 522), I hereby request access to and/or copies of the following documents, which are filed with, retained by, or prepared by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Letters, emails or other correspondence between Jan. 1, 2014 and Sept. 24, 2015 located in the office of: Director of the Office of Transportation and Air Quality Christopher Grundler; Air Enforcement Division Attorney Meetu Kaul; and Air Enforcement Division Office of Civil Enforcement Director Phillip A. Brooks containing the terms “Volkswagen” or “VW” or “Audi” or “West Virginia” or “WVU” or “International Council on Clean Transportation” or “ICCT” or “Traverse” or “TC” or “Asilomar” or “Pacific Grove” or “Wolfsburg” or “Stuart Johnson” or “Oliver Schmidt” or “diesel” or “defeat device” or “nitrogen oxide” or “nox” or “defeat device” or “dual control” or “notice of violation” or “NOV.” I also seek calendar entries for meetings or telephone calls between ARB officials and Volkswagen officials during the above-referenced time frame. In addition, I specifically seek copies of records produced for or collected from a Sept. 3, 2015 meeting between officials from EPA, Volkswagen and the California Air Resources Board to include, but not be limited to, agendas, a list of attendees, minutes, memos, power-point presentations, photographs, letters, emails and other correspondence. Please further alert me immediately to any records that excluded by law under this request. Please provide me the requested documents via email at this address: Sincerely, Amy Harder energy reporter The Wall Street Journal O: 202.862.6631 C: 202.906.9629 @AmyAHarder
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