About FOIAonline

FOIAonline is a FOIA tracking and processing tool for the following Agencies and Offices:
  • Department of Commerce (except the US Patent and Trademark Office),
  • Environmental Protection Agency,
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection,
  • Federal Labor Relations Authority,
  • Merit Systems Protection Board,
  • National Archives and Records Administration - Office of General Counsel,
  • National Labor Relations Board,
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission,
  • Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation,
  • Department of the Navy (including Navy and Marine Corps),
  • General Services Administration,
  • Small Business Administration,
  • Social Security Administration,
  • Federal Communication Commission,
  • Department of Justice – Office of Information Policy
  • Defense Logistics Agency and
  • Department of Defense – Office of the Inspector General
  • Department of Justice – Executive Office of U.S. Attorneys

Addition as of December 18, 2017:
  • U.S. Parole Commission

Guest users may:
  • Search for previously released records;
  • Generate reports; and
  • Receive records electronically if you provide an email address.

Registered users may, in addition to the above:
  • Track progress on all of your requests submitted through FOIAonline via a personal dashboard;
  • Communicate directly with the agency at all points in the process;
  • Have your contact information pre-populated in future requests;
  • Receive notification when the status of your request has changed.